The Black Princess

The 2nd hope festival Hatikva. Best community theatre production exposing our communal work in Hatikva neighborhood The Yoram Loewenstein acting school is located in the heart of Hatikva neighborhood. The uniqueness of the school is in the combination between the highest level of professional acting studies with community work in the neighborhood where the school […]

Over weight

The 2nd hope festival Hatikva.Best community theatre production exposing our communal work in Hatikva neighborhoodThe Yoram Loewenstein acting school is located in the heart of Hatikva neighborhood. The uniqueness of the school is in the combination between the highest level of professional acting studies with community work in the neighborhood where the school is located. […]

The whiners

The 2nd hope festival Hatikva. Best community theatre production exposing our communal work in Hatikva neighborhood The Yoram Loewenstein acting school is located in the heart of Hatikva neighborhood. The uniqueness of the school is in the combination between the highest level of professional acting studies with community work in the neighborhood where the school […]

In Our streets – Hatikva Youth group

SELA – The performing arts studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein is proud to present:  In Our streets – a night balladparticipating Hatikva Youth group   In Our streets – a night ballad participating Hatikva Youth group one night, One city, One street, One bench & mainly – immense loneliness. Around that bench gather and pass […]

In Her Own Way – Hatikva Golden Age assembly

SELA – The performing arts studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein is proud to present:  In Her Own Way Hatikva Golden Age assembly Group of women in their senior years present their life stories and open a window into their world. In a journey through time they courageously reveal themselves: their pain, humor, and wit; their […]

Children of the Heart

The show, “children of the heart” participating religious boys groups, reveals and exposes a very unique and extraordinary relationship between two different worlds; the world of religion and the world of stage and theatre. The relationship was established thanks to Yair Mosel, a studio graduator who also graduates “Utniel” and “Chispin” Yeshivot. This is a […]

Children of the Heart – Community Theater

The Performing Arts Studio And “Reshit” High School Are Proud to Present Children Of the Heart Community Theater For All Viewers In light of the success at the international festivals on Scotland and Germany, the show “Children of the Heart” will be performed 3 more times in Tel-Aviv. Written & Direcred By Yair Mossel Performed by […]

רועי מליח רשף – כתבה בעיתון ישראל היום

ישראל היום, תאריך: May 12, 2009; מוסף: תרבות ; עמוד: 31 בתוך עמי אני יושב כבר 6 שנים שרועי רשף-מליח עושה תיאטרון עם נוער בסיכון משכונת התקווה • עכשיו הם מעלים הצגה חדשה ונוסעים לפסטיבל באיטליה מאיה כהן הסטודיו למשחק של יורם לוינשטיין יושב בלב שכונת התקווה. לכאורה מיקום אקראי לגמרי – הסטודנטים מגיעים לבניין […]

חיים אחרים – מסגרת בראש – כתבה באתר הבמה

נערים משכונת התקווה הפכו לצוות שחקנים מקצועי בהפקה שעולה עכשיו בישראל ובהודו “למדתי להיות איש” “אחד הדברים היפים שאמרו לי בסטודיו הוא שלא מלמדים אותנו להיות שחקנים אלא להיות אנשים. אני חושב שלמדתי להיות איש”, אומר אלעד דוד, משחקני ההצגה “חיים אחרים”. לידת ההפקה הייחודית הזו מתוך רצון של תיאטרון אורנה פורת לילדים ולנוער להקים […]

Second Life

Theater arts studio founded by Yoram Levinstein in Cooperation with Orna Porat Children and Youth Theater Present new, unique project, the original show for youth Second Life Written and directed by Roy Reshef Maliach Performed by Hatikva neighborhood group of youth at risk Drmtorgy, space & Costume design: ErezMaayan Music: Ronn Pazhar Choreography: Amit Zamir Lighting: […]

Longing for Sex and Movies – class of 2015

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:Longing for Sex and Movies The studio’s third year actors present their last production as students.The show consists of scenes, selected by the actors, from movies like Mighty Aphrodite , The Graduate, When Harry Met Sally , Kika , Secretary, Munster , Romance and Cigarettes , Good Will Hunting […]

Shosha – Based on Isaac Bashevis Singer – class of 2015

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:ShoshaBased on Isaac Bashevis Singer This is the story of Aaron Greidingr. A young Jewish writer from pre-Second World War Warsaw, whose soul is destined to always be torn between faith in God and the way of reason and rationalism. Between longing for the innocent days of his childhood […]

Totally Embarrassed – by Hanoch Levin – class of 2015

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:Totally Embarrassed Inexhaustible is the love of the young Zimmer Frei to the young and beautiful young woman Torns, but despite his longing, he cannot confess his love.“To the great confession of love, one has to carefully prepare, all my life until now were only a preparation for this […]

The Asphalt Kiss – by Nelson Rodriguez – class of 2015

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:The Asphalt Kiss A pedestrian was run over in the street. Arandir, a young, good-hearted, person came to his rescue. In his dying breath, the wounded asks for a kiss and gets it. From here on, begins a turmoil of events. The corrupted police force, sensationalist journalists and extreme […]

Eurydice – By Sarah Ruhl – class of 2015

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:Euridice Eurydice and Orpheus young and in love with all their hearts. On the night of their wedding, Eurydice meets a sophisticated older man who promises to give her letters from her dead father. She is tempted to follow him only to die in an unfortunate accident and be reunited […]

The Duchess of Malfi – By John Webster – class of 2015

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:The Duchess of MalfiA tale of rulership and power, money and corruption which still “stars” in the news today.In the center of the plot – the Duchess, a rich young widow, and her two brothers who forbid her to marry again, so that the money she inherited would be […]

War – By Lars Noren – class of 2015

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents: War, a play by Lars Noren, the great Swedish playwright, in this year’s third year class’s first production, directed by Kfir Azulay. War is war is war… there is no compassion in it and it is hurtful. it destroys everything in its path. A story about a father […]

Under The Doctor – By Peter Tilbury – class of 2015

A Sexy Comedy with a French Flavor A story about a young doctor, Dr. Jean Pierre Moulineaux, who suffers from a terrifying high level of testosterone. Each young and beautiful patient passes through his clinic causes him to lose his temper . On the other hand, he loves his wife and is afraid she’ll find […]

Sanremo Italian Song Festiva – class of 2015

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:Sanremo Italian Song Festival directed by Yoram LoewensteinSanremo Festival was a constitutive event in my life.The early 70’s, the golden age of black and white television, romance and great singers. Mina, Adriano Celentano, Gigliola Cinquetti, Bobby Solo and many others sang the great love songs of their lives – […]

Aim’ee & Jaguar – Based on a book by Erica Fischer – class of 2014

Based on a book by:Erica FischerPlay by: Eynat BaranovskyDirector: Hagit Rehavi – NikolayevskySet: Adam Kelercustom: Maya Meidar-MoranLight: Yaakov SlivMovment: Amit ZamirMusic: Yuval Mesner Guest Actor: Gabi Eldor Performed by 3rd year actresses:Sivan MastNoa Har-ZionYael BotonYael ShildkrautAviv CarmiBar Gol  

The Kite Runner – Based on a book by Khaled Hosseini – class of 2014

“The Kite Runner”, a fascinating adaptation of Haled Hosseini best- selling novel will be performed for the first time on an Israeli stage in ‘Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio’. The thrilling adaptation, written by Matthew Spangler, unravels a tale of an innocent and precious friendship that could not sustain itself throughout time, social differences and political […]

The Full Monty – By Terrence McNally & David Yazbek – class of 2014

A colorful and vibrant musical with a live band Shortly after the great success of the movie “The Full Monty”, a musical stage adaptation was presented in Broadway and swept audiences around the world, winning numerous prestigious awards. The touching, thrilling and funny story of six men who were fired from the steel factory, who […]

I am not a Thief – By Eynat Baranovsky – Class of 2014

Yaneck arrives to the orphanage run by Yanush Korchak without any Hope in his Heart. In the last orphanage they broke his legs and he is limping since, and cannot do what he does best – running.And he is also very angry – at his sister, who gave him up, the stuck up Tutor that […]

The Graet Notebook – based on a novel by Agota Kristof – Class of 2014

  “The Notebook” based on a novel by Agota KristofPlay: Einat BarnovskiDirector: Irad Rubinshtain One of the important most divisive creation in the last 30 years, regain actual adaptation, performing 3rd year students in Yoram Lowenstein acting school, directed by Irad Rubinshtain. “The Notebook”, is the first part from the best seller trilogy written by […]

Heidi of the Mountains – By the book by Johana Spiri – Class of 2014

In cooperation with the Mediatheque Theatre. The classic children book comes alive on stage in a colorful performance.   By the book of: Johana SpiriBy: Ido RiklinDirector: Rafi nivSet: Talia OtolengiCostume: Yeudit AhronMusic: Nadav RubinstainLight: Ziv VoloshinMovment: Iris LanaPuppet Design: Amira PinkasPuppet’s Training:Maayan Reznik Preformed by:Odi Ben DavidRudie KozolovskiMichal VinbergYael ButonAvigail HarriHilel KaponGal KoernAvi AzulayKarmel […]

Anna Karenina – Based on a novel by Leo Tolstoy – Class of 2014

Anna Karenina By Leo Tolstoy Adapted by Helen Edmondson Translation Rivka Meshulach Director Aya Kaplan The Studio, craves to combine throughout the year original, young, trailblazing plays, alongside classics adapted into the unique setting of the studio’s performance hall. In the past year a number of plays have had great success among audiences and critics […]

The Game’s Afoot – By Ken Ludwig – Class of 2014

  The Game’s AfootBy – Ken LudwigKen Ludwig’s latest Play! Winner of the Edgar Allen Poe Prize 2012!A Film Noir action Comedy. December 1936, William Gillette, a New York Theatre Star plays the world famous detective Sherlock Holmes. After the last performance of the season he gets shot on Stage. Fortunately he survives. And now […]

The Rocky Horror Show – By Richard O’Brien – Class of 2013

                       “I would like , if I may , to take you on a strange journey … “ 40 years after it was first performed as a musical (and was coldly received), and 38 years after it was released as a film and became a cult hit which earned the title “The longest-running […]

When the Rain Stops Falling – By Andrew Bovell – Class of 2013

  The studio is aiming to produce fresh, kicking contemporary plays that reflect cultures from all over the world. On June 13th will be the Israeli premiere of the award-winning epic by the successful Australian playwright, Andrew Bovell, (Lantana) Translated and directed by Nir Erez. The play was first premiered in 2008 in Australia and […]

Cash on Delivery – By Michael Cooney – Class of 2013

‘Cash on Delivery’ is a play that tells the story or Eric, a man who has just lost his job, but doesn’t dare tell his wife. In order to avoid the discomfort of telling the truth, he invents clever way to cheat the welfare authorities into sending him money, claiming fake benefits. Eric’s creativity at […]

Eyewitness – By Joshua Sobol – Class of 2013

EyewitnessBy Joshua SobolDirector HagitRehaviNikolayevskyConscience, morality, conformism and disobedience, those sensitive issues that concern the Israeli society are at the center of the play by Joshua Sobol. The play is based on the true story of Franz Jägerstätter, an AustrianCatholic citizen, a mechanic,married and father of two girls, who was sentenced to death for refusing to […]

Darfur – By Winter Miller – Class of 2013

It is the midst of the Civil war in Darfur. The New York Times Correspondent is one of the first journalists to realize that what is going on is genocide. In order to awaken the public and force the UN into action a cover story is needed – but to get the cover story she […]

The Flying Classroom – Based on a Book by Erich Kästner – Class of 2013

The Flying ClassroomIn Collaboration with the Mediateque TheaterBased on the Children’s Book by Erich Kästner A play for the entire family (ages 8+), the Flying Classroom is a co-production of the Studio and of the Mediateque Theater in Holon. Important issues such as friendship and courage are put to the test in this funny and […]

The Lady from the Sea – By Henrik Ibsen – Class of 2013

  The Lady from the Sea – Henrik IbsenTranslated from Norwegian – Gad KaynarDirection and Stage adaptation by Noam Shmuel Over 120 years after it was written, Ibsen’s masterpiece receives a tightened and refreshing new performance by the Third-Year students of Yoram Loewenstein’s Acting Studio, directed by Noam Shmuel. Premier: March 16th, 2013.Similar to previous […]

Parade – By Alfred Uhry & Jason Robert Bown – Class of 2013

PARADE, Book By Music & Lyrics by ALFRED UHRY JASON ROBERT BROWN, Co-Conceived and Directed on Broadway by HAROLD PRINCE. This production presented by permission of JOSEF WEINBERGER LIMITED on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of New York. Participants: Alastair Brookshaw (London), Adam Chandler (New York), Kelsey Crouch Pinter (New York) , Roni Daloomi (Israel), […]

Dreams – By Tom Sharkey – Class of 2013

The Yoram Loewenstein acting studio proud to presentby special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.:DreamsBy: Tom SharkeyTranslation: EinatBarnovskyDirected by: Aya Kaplan Imagine that every night you dream yourself in a completely different life opposite your own: you are not the successful lawyer. Your big house – gone.Your beautiful loving wife is actually your annoying sister. Money, […]

Boy Gets Girl – By Rebecca Gilman – Class of 2012

By: Rebecca GilmanTranslation and Direction: Noam Shmuel “If you look at all the classic romantic plot – its structure is the same: boy sees girl, falls for her – that’s exactly where his troubles begin” –act II, scene 2 It looked like the blind date of Theresa and Tony is going pretty well, she even […]

DNA – By Dennis Kelly – Class of 2012

DNA – Israeli PremiereDNA by Dennis Kelly follows the silent yet intimidating, 16 year old Phil, and his fearful following of misfits as they come to terms with the consequences of a practical joke that ends in tragedy. The tragedy brings the gang closer together and unites them. This piece deals directly and powerfully with […]

Momo – based on a book by Michael Ende – Class of 2012

Charming story about the time thievesand the girl who returned the stolen time to human beings. Where did Momo come from to the big city and the ruined amphitheater?Why children love to play with her and so many adults tell her their troubles?Who are the Men in Gray and why are they trying to thwart […]

‏Tereza Raken – By Emil Zola – Class of 2012

  Filthy quarter in 1900 Paris, bourgeois apartment. In the midst of the conservative manner of the era, a dangerous secretive love triangle is being planned and brings tragic outcomes. But what seemed the finale is revealed to be merely as the opening of the story. The lovers are swept into a deceitful reality that […]

Terrorism – By Presnyakov Brothers – Class of 2012

 The play “Terrorism” by the Presnyakov brothers, who considered one of the leading young play writers in the world today, will be premiered in Israel at the Yoram Lowenstein’s acting studio. What happens when you arrive to an airport that was shut down for a terror alert? You go back home, unexpectedly, to find your […]

A Bird is Flying – By Daniel Lanzini – Class of 2012

“A bird is flying” is a musically family drama happens in the 1960s in Paris, being told from the perspective of David, a young Jewish boy immigrant to France from Morocco with his widowed mother, brother and sister as the arrive to an ex brothel residence filled with immigrants, foreign workers and prostitutes. The play […]

In the Rext Room (or the Vibrator Play) – By Sara Ruhl – Class of 2012

Funny and touching comedy about sex, marriage, sexuality and intimacy The year is 1880, the dawn of the electric age. Dr. Gibbings fascinated by his new invention – an electric vibrator to treat women suffering from hysteria.How does it work? He is not sure. But his female patients keep coming back to him time after […]

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands – Based on the Novel by Jorje Amado – Class of 2012

Israeli Premier! Based on the famous novel and successful Brazilian film“Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands”. Vadinio, Dona Flor’s first husband, drops dead in the midst of the Carnival.The young widow is longing for her dead lover, that though used to make her life miserable by cheating, gambling and drinking, filled her with passion and energy. […]

Judenhure – Songs by Bertolt Brecht – Class of 2012

  Third year actors sing on a bare stage some of the best Inalienable property of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill about desperate love, betrayal, whores, war, murder, interests and about the main motive that moves it all: money. Yoram Loewenstein’s director debut. Thrilling and exciting performances that will that leaves an impression.    Lyrics […]

The Doors – Inspired by Jim Morrison – Class of 2011

SELA – The Performing Arts Studio Founded By Yoram Loewenstein presents : Doors Inspired by Jim Morrison Collection of monologues Jim Morrison, a military man that his wife leaves him, a frustrated actor and the world worst teacher are all joind together in a new show coming up onMay 21st. The play, edited and directed […]

Pigeons – By David Gieselmann – Class of 2011

SELA – The Performing Arts Studio Founded By Yoram Loewenstein, under the auspices of Geothe-Institut Tel Aviv, presents an Israeli premiere: Pigeons                         A rampant comedy about a woman with temper tantrums, a psychiatrist with a severe memory problem, a blond Dutch with a safe specialization, sorted abuses and one disappearance. By hook or by […]

Three Sisters – By Anton Chekhov – Class of 2011

SELA – The Performing Arts Studio Founded By Yoram Loewenstein presents : Three Sisters By: Anton Chekhov Translated by: Eran Baniel The Last play written by Anton Chekhov before he died will be performed by third year students at Yoram Loewenstein’s Acting Studio from 11.6. The sisters will played by Rona Li Simon as Masha,Yael […]

Vollcan Junction – Based on a Film by Eran Riklis – Class of 2011

A Rock Show – Stage Adaptation to the 1999 cult movie by the same title. The story of suburban Haifa’s rock band who dream to make it Big.    A tale about dreams, hopes, friendship and betray as the Drums of October 1973 war are pounding in the background.    eDirector: Noam ShmuelSet: Zeev Levi Costumes: […]

Miracolo a Milano – Based on a Film by Vittorio De Sica – Class of 2011

Miracolo a milano an Israeli – Italian co-production playing at the Piccolo Theatre in Milan and at the SELA Studio in Tel Aviv These days, in the midst of an oppressive cultural boycott on Israel, a remarkable and unique collaboration is taking place between SELA – The performing arts’ studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein, and […]

Speaking in Tongues – By Andrew Bovell – Class of 2011

SELA – The Performing Arts Studio Founded By Yoram Loewenstein presents : Speaking in Tongues By Andrew Bovell Five stories about relationships examining the concept of loyalty: a woman disappears. An Enigmatic high heel. A police investigation around the disappearance of a psychiatrist. Adapted for the screen as Lantana. – 200, highly claimed and awards wining […]

After The Rain – By Sergei Belbel- Class of 2011

To a huge office building’s roof sneaks one after the other, seven people to commit one of the most serious crimes of our time – Smoking. Between inhalation to exhalation the social code is cracking, politeness is falling down and intrigues, plots, secrets and evil intents        Translation: EinatBaranovskyDirector: Aya KaplanSet & Customers:Yehodit […]

Death Valley Junction – Albert Ostermeier – Class of 2011

Death Valley Junction – November 2010 By Albert Ostermeier Directed by Amit Zarka Desmond is celebrating his birthday, but finds himself, unfortunately, stuck in the heart of a desert without gasoline, water, shade, or cell phone reception. A series of delusional meetings with a pair of violent bikers, a junkie, and a man beside a […]

All the rage – By Keith Reddin – Class of 2011

The performing arts studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein proud to present: all the rage Israeli Premier   In his unique manner, rife with compassion and humor, playwright Keith Reddin stalks and exposes the roots of personal terror as he outline the dynamic, which leads human beings to commit inhuman deeds. All The characters carry weapons […]

Chicago – By Fred Ebb & Bob Fosse – Class of 2011

SELA – The performing arts studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein in cooperation with Hed Collage of Music & The School of Dance Arts of Kibbutzim College of Education Are proud to presents the musical Chicago Roxy Hart and Velma Kelly represented by Billy Flynn the best lawyer in Chicago, a juggler who had never lost a […]

Ehad Mishelanu (One of Us) – By Benny Barbash – Class of 2010

Ehad Mishelanu aka One of Us By Benny Barbash Director Kfir Azulai Set & Custom Niv Manor Music Yuval Mesner Lighting Ziv Volloshin Participating Third Year actors: Itay Polishuk, Itay Peleg, Radai Rubinstein, Shai-Li Harash, Mital Avni, Niv Petel, Danit Shtrum, Asaf Segev, Rami Kashi, Gal Sened The play is an adaptation of Uri Barbash’s movie, […]

Why Didn’t You Come Before the War? – Based on a Book by Lizzy Doron – Class of 2010

Why didn’t you come before the War? Play by Einat Baranovsky Based on the book by Lizzy Doron Director: Hagit Rechavi Nikolevski Set design: Michael Kramenko Costumes and props: Olga Meron Choreography: Amit Zamir Lighting design: Adi Shimroni Musical direction: Shai Ben-Yaakov Music consultant: Eran Litvin Participating 3rd year actors: Dina Sanderson/ Ruth Rasiuk, Naama […]

Lying Undiscovered – By Richard Monks – Class of 2010

Lying Undiscovered By Richard Monks Translation, Adaptation and Direction: Aya Kaplan Choreographer: Amit Zamir Music: Udi Brener Lighting Designer: Keren Granek Set Designer: Avi Sechvi Costume Designer: Dalit Inbar Text Instructor: Ahova Yovel Participating Third Year actors: Reut Akerman, Shai-Li Harash/ Shani Ben-Simon, Erez Regev/ Roni Samuel, Itay Polishuk, Noa Eilati, Daniel Markovich, Gal Sened, […]

The Glory of Living – By Rebecca Gilman – Class of 2010

The Glory Of Libing // ילדה טובה A sad and difficult story about the complex and violent relationship between 15 year old Lisa and 35 year old Clint in United States’ distressed South. The play is an accusation of a hypocritical society which neglects the weak, crushes their self respect and dignity, and deprives them of […]

Singles – By Hanoch Levin – Class of 2010

Singles // רווקים ורווקות  It has been for quite a while that spinster Flotzicka is trying to drag to the rabanuth Zainuch “the idiot” – a bachelor in his thirties, who he still searching for himself and his was in the world. Comic play with brilliant moments About Males, Females And everything in-between  Play By Hanoch […]

Sigal – Based on the Life and Songs of Aris San – Class of 2010

SELA – The performing arts studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein, & Hed Collage of Music are proud to present:  SigalAn original musical inspired by the life story of Aris San Directed by Tzedi Tzarfati  A new musical by Shlomo Moskowitz directed by Tzedi Tzarfati, a portrait of the fascinating and mysterious life and death of […]

Dangerous Corner – By J.B. Priestly – Class of 2009

Theater arts studio founded by Yoram Levinstein Is proud to present Dangerous Corner By J.B. Priestly directed by Kaplan Performed by the third-year actors Translation: RivkaMeshulach Scenery and costumes: Yehudit Aharon Music: Udi Brener Lighting: Yacob Slib Assistant decorator: Naama Gliksman Performed by third-year actors “I think it is as healthy to tell the truth about the […]

Theater / A ‘miracolo’ of mutual appreciation

Israeli and Italian actors come together for a joint production in Tel Aviv. By Bianca Ambrosio Haaretz “In theater, they all speak the same language,” Israeli stage director Yoram Lowenstein explains when asked how actors from different countries, speaking different tongues, perform together in a new show currently on stage in Tel Aviv. “Human beings […]

Belgrade Trilogy – By Biljana Srbljanovic – Class of 2009

The Performing Arts Studio Is Proud To Present: Belgrade Trilogy  By Biljana Srbljanovic Hebrew: Eynat Barnovski Directed by Ronny Mendelson Music: Yuval Messner Set & Costumes: Maya Peleg Lighting: Uri Rubenshtain Movement instruction: Amit Zamir Performed by the third year students Belgrade 1995 – a city under non stop bombing. war crimes, devastation and destruction […]

The Cripple of Inishmaan – By Martin McDonagh – Class of 2009

The Performing Arts Studio Is Proud to Present The Cripple of Inishmaan By Martin McDonagh Hebrew: Dori Parnas Directed by Roey Maliach-Reshef Music: Roni Pashar Set & Costumes: Niv Manor Lighting: Danna Pleser by the third year studentsPerformed The Cripple of Inishmaan is a dark comedy by Martin cDonagh who links the story to the […]

The Seagull – By Anton Chekhov – Class of 2009

The Performing Arts Studio Is Proud to Present The Seagull  By Anton Chekhov In a new young and up to date interpretation Hebrew: Dori Parnas Director: Nir Erez Music: Noam Yankalevitsh Set & Props: Niv Manor Costumes: Karin David Lighting: Ori Morag Movement: Amit Zamir Performed by the third year students We are proud to […]

Ophira’s Bracelet – Based on a Book by Rivka Magen – Class of 2009

Ophira’s bracelet a co-production between Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio & Orna Porat Theater Written & Directed: Gil Tzernovich Music: Shai Ben-Yaacov Lighting: Ziv Ooloshin Costumes: Maya Peleg Stage & Accessories: Roni Caramel Performed by the thitd year actors Debut: 19 February 2009 Duration of performance: About an hour without a break aMoving drama based on a […]

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