In Our streets – Hatikva Youth group

SELA – The performing arts studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein is proud to present: 

In Our streets - a night ballad
participating Hatikva Youth group


In Our streets - a night ballad
participating Hatikva Youth group

one night,
One city,
One street,
One bench
& mainly - immense loneliness.

Around that bench gather and pass through delusional characters, the kind you can see only if you are awake at the wee hours of the night.
"In Our Streets" is a lullaby and a ballad to all those characters.

“In Our streets" is a group of youth from Hatikava neighborhood (the most neglected neighborhood in Tel- Aviv). This group is one of 16 community work projects that the studio implements in this tough neighborhood. The process took one year and it’s the first time for them to perform on stage. 

"In our streets" was accepted to "Theatrical autumn" festival which will take place this coming November.
The festival is the highlight event of the most exquisite shows being raised during the past year in the communal organizations

The show "In Our Streets" won the best show prize for 2010 in theatrical autumn festival.

Liraz Hamami, Asaf Nimoy
Niv Petel
Community Coordinator:
Halil Itzhak

In Cooporation with:
Beit Danny
Menash - neighborhood youth council

participating Hatikva Youth group