The Yoram Loewenstein Acting Studio, which is located at the heart of the HaTikva neighbourhood, is a unique institution in Israel, as well as from a global point of view. It combines professional acting studies of the highest level, with teaching theatre and acting within the HaTikva neighbourhood community, since 1998.

The students of the Studio work with 19 groups in the Hatikva neighbourhood (about 300 participants) as part of their training as actors: groups of children and youth at risk, religious youth, homeless youth, elementary schools in the neighbourhood, the visually impaired, the disabled, children with emotional issues, the elderly and more.

The community activity contributes to the creative and personal development of the students, and can open up new creative avenues of applying the art of theatre for the benefit of the community.

The Studio aims to represent Israel abroad with its community activities, and to tell the unique story of the HaTikva neighbourhood Studio, which has no counterpart in Israel and not many around the world. The community productions represent Israel in international festivals and projects around the globe, and are highly praised.

We provide the residents of the neighborhood tools for self-realization and expression, and nurture a generation of actors who are involved within the Israeli society, and who will be among the lead actors in Israeli theatre, film and television.

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