The Studio has a student support program, which includes scholarships for students who teach groups in the community as part of their studies, scholarships for students who rent apartments within the HaTikva neighbourhood, merit scholarships, monologue competitions, tuition and living scholarships.

Tuition and living scholarships

Every student is entitled to request a scholarship. The form must be filled out and submitted to the scholarship coordinator by the deadline. The school’s support committee meets and discusses each and every request. The amount of the scholarship is determined according to financial situation, and in accordance with the relevant documents attached to the application form. After the committee’s decision, the list of scholarship recipients is published on the studio website and on the bulletin board. In addition, each student receives a letter detailing the amount they received. Priority will be given to the second and third year students.

Monologue competitions

The scholarships will be determined according to the judges’ ruling at each competition, and in accordance with the amount allocated to each place in the competition. The competitions are intended for second and third year students.

Merit scholarships

Receiving a merit scholarship requires a recommendation from the scholarship committee, and it is based on three criteria:


The student’s personal achievements.


Financial condition.


Their activity in and for the Studio.

Renting in the neighbourhood scholarships

Students must present an ID card and a rental contract. Students must participate in community activity. Priority will be given to the second and third year students.

Teaching community groups scholarships

At the beginning of each year, second and third year students are selected to guide groups in the community as part of their studies, by a committee consisting of the Studio general director, artistic director and the community activities coordinator.

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