Theater arts studio founded by Yoram Levinstein
in Cooperation with
Orna Porat Children and Youth Theater
Present new, unique project, the original show for youth

Second Life

Written and directed by Roy Reshef Maliach
Performed by Hatikva neighborhood group of youth at risk


Drmtorgy, space & Costume design: ErezMaayan
Music: Ronn Pazhar
Choreography: Amit Zamir
Lighting: Roy Herring Reshef

Yoav Levin, an at-risk youth living his boaring life, finds sanctuary in spending endless time in front of his computer. One day he finds the game “Other-life”, a virtual reality offering each participant to be what he wants, whenever he wants, how he wanted especially to be someone else. He fulfills his dream of becoming a rock star and finds a life in “other-life”.
But in virtual life you can not touch or love. What is better?

Duration of the show about 40 minutes

Second Life has Performed in great success at:
* “Sappelot” festival, Brixen, Italy
* “Theatrical Automn” festival, Suzanne Dallal Center, Tel Aviv, Israel (1st prize)
* Youth Theater festival, New Delhi, India

An article about the show in ISRAEL HAYOM newspaper

Article In “HABAMA” website


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