Ehad Mishelanu (One of Us) – By Benny Barbash – Class of 2010

Ehad Mishelanu

aka One of Us

By Benny Barbash
Director Kfir Azulai
Set & Custom Niv Manor
Music Yuval Mesner
Lighting Ziv Volloshin

Participating Third Year actors:
Itay Polishuk, Itay Peleg, Radai Rubinstein,
Shai-Li Harash, Mital Avni, Niv Petel, Danit Shtrum, Asaf Segev, Rami Kashi, Gal Sened

The play is an adaptation of Uri Barbash’s movie, script by Benny Barbash. The movie represented Israel at the 1989 Academy Awards in the foreign movie category.

An Israeli Military Police investigator is dispatched to a paratrooper’s unit in the occupied territories to investigate an incident in which a Palestinian was killed. The investigator, who was formerly a soldier in this unit, is torn between his love and loyalty to his comrades and his obligation to uncover the truth.

A moving drama about soldiers’ brotherhood, loyalty, morals and the choices we make in the complex and violent reality in which we live.

27.2.2010 – 13.3.2010 At 20:30. Fridays 14:00.

The Studio’s Theater hall:
37 Abas St., corner of 19 Hanoch St., Shchunat Hatikva, Tel-Aviv.

Tickets will be reserved until 15 minutes before the performance.
Late comers will not be allowed into the hall after the show begins – No money back.


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