Why Didn’t You Come Before the War? – Based on a Book by Lizzy Doron – Class of 2010

Why didn’t you come before the War?

Play by
Einat Baranovsky
Based on the book by Lizzy Doron

Director: Hagit Rechavi Nikolevski
Set design: Michael Kramenko
Costumes and props: Olga Meron
Choreography: Amit Zamir
Lighting design: Adi Shimroni
Musical direction: Shai Ben-Yaakov
Music consultant: Eran Litvin

Participating 3rd year actors:
Dina Sanderson/ Ruth Rasiuk, Naama Shitreet, Liraz Chamami,
Assaf Nemoi, Itai Peleg/Daniel Markovitz, Reut Ackerman, Meital Avni,
Noah Eilati, Erez Regev, Shani Ben-Simon

A dramatic adaptation of Lizzy Doron’s best selling autobiography, which has been translated into German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, and other. The book has won the Yad Vashem Bouchman Prize, the Mediterranean Prize for Literature, and the Italian Jewry Literature Prize. Lizzy Doron was presented the prestigious Jeanette Schocken Prize for Literary Excellence in the Port city of Bremen, Germany, where the Nazis, for the first time, burned books.

The play tells the story of Elizabeth’s childhood with her mother, Helena, in the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Bitzaron in the 1960’s. The audience sees, through Elizabeth’s eyes, her mother and the women who are their neighbors, all Holocaust survivors, trying to adjust to Israeli society while dealing with their pasts.

Above all else, this is a meeting between Lizzy Doron, a second generation Holocaust survivor, and the actors in the play, some of them 3rd generation survivors of W.W.II.

Performance Dates: 6.4.2010- 24.4-2010 At 20:30, Fridays 14:00
On the follwong dates there won’t be a show:
Sunday 18.4.2010, Monday 19.4.2010

The Studio’s Theater hall:
37 Abas St., corner of 19 Hanoch St., Shchunat Hatikva, Tel-Aviv.

Tickets will be reserved until 15 minutes before the performance.
Late comers will not be allowed into the hall after the show begins – No money back


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