A Bird is Flying – By Daniel Lanzini – Class of 2012

“A bird is flying” is a musically family drama happens in the 1960s in Paris, being told from the perspective of David, a young Jewish boy immigrant to France from Morocco with his widowed mother, brother and sister as the arrive to an ex brothel residence filled with immigrants, foreign workers and prostitutes.

The play follows David’s coming of age through his love to Sabrina, 16 years old single mother who lives in the residence with her baby to his final decision to immigrate to Israel.

An unusual friendship is formed between him and Leopol – young African expatriate, the cleaner of the home, who takes care for David’s sexual education and taught him all he didn’t know about God, politics, love and true friendship.

Power struggles within the family, adjusting to a new environment, struggle for independence and emotionally charged world are the ingredients of this bitter sweet drama.

Play: Daniel Lanzini
Directed by: Hagit
Rehavi Nikolayevsky
Music: Eyal Lanzini
Set: Niv Manor
Costume design:
Erez Maayan
Movement: Amit Zamir
Lighting: Jacob Sliv

Participating third-year players:
Simon Haba
Maayan Turgeman
Uri Lazarowitz
Einav Barlevy
Timor Cohen
Or Edri
Keren Salant
Inbar Danon
Ido Wolfowitz
Or Ben Attia
Galit Leeper Moore
Raz Harel

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