DNA – By Dennis Kelly – Class of 2012

DNA – Israeli Premiere

DNA by Dennis Kelly follows the silent yet intimidating, 16 year old Phil, and his fearful following of misfits as they come to terms with the consequences of a practical joke that ends in tragedy. The tragedy brings the gang closer together and unites them.

This piece deals directly and powerfully with hard hitting, relevant issues, such as violence, guilt, unrequited love, tyranny and solidarity within a group of adolescents who have placed themselves at the edge of society.

With a harrowing twist and a taste of the sinister that smacks of William Golding’s Lord of The Flies, DNA is a social comment that resounds with people of all ages.

תמונות פייסבוק

By: Dennis Kelly
Translation: Einat Baraonovsky
Director: Eliran Caspi
Music: Shai Ben Yaacov
Lighting: Eyal Daniel

With third year students:
Gal Amitai
Imri Biton
Maya Bachowski
Avinoam BenNachum
Efrat Ben-Yaakov Peleg
Sagi Halperin
Adriano Jauvel
Nadav Laor
Ido Lusky
Dorin Kario
Itamar Shaked


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