The Game’s Afoot – By Ken Ludwig – Class of 2014


The Game’s Afoot
By – Ken Ludwig
Ken Ludwig’s latest Play! Winner of the Edgar Allen Poe Prize 2012!
A Film Noir action Comedy.

December 1936, William Gillette, a New York Theatre Star plays the world famous detective Sherlock Holmes. After the last performance of the season he gets shot on Stage. Fortunately he survives. And now he is determined to play Sherlock Holmes in real Life and find out on his own who shot him.
He invites all suspects to his exquisite Mansion, full of magic and Surprises, hidden rooms and Weapons.
From that Moment on the plot thickens – Secrets, Lies, Betrayals and Murder.
Who wants to kill William? And why?

Interview with Dorel Zilberman at Tlv1 – from 12min >>


Play by: Ken Ludwig
Translated by: Eynat Baranovsky
Director: Roni Mendelson
Costume Designer:Maya Meidar Moran
Set Designer: Diti Ofek Tzaefati
Sound Designer: Hanan Levi
Lighting Designer: Uri Morag
Tap Dance Director: Itay Polishuk
Voice Couching:Elisheva Yung
Movement Director:Amit Zamir

Cast – 3ed year Actors
Avi Azulay
Tom Appelbaum
Dorel Zilberman
Daniel Meroz
Matan Shavit
Yael Buton
Shiri Ben Cohen
Bar Gol
Carmel Kendel

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