Lying Undiscovered – By Richard Monks – Class of 2010

Lying Undiscovered

By Richard Monks

Translation, Adaptation and Direction: Aya Kaplan
Choreographer: Amit Zamir
Music: Udi Brener
Lighting Designer: Keren Granek
Set Designer: Avi Sechvi
Costume Designer: Dalit Inbar
Text Instructor: Ahova Yovel

Participating Third Year actors:
Reut Akerman, Shai-Li Harash/ Shani Ben-Simon,
Erez Regev/ Roni Samuel, Itay Polishuk, Noa Eilati,
Daniel Markovich, Gal Sened, Mital Avni

Adapted for radio by Richard Monks
A suspense filled, police drama about Loss, Love, Guilt, and the power of Life.

What happened to a baby that disappeared 17 years ago and suddenly reappears? What has he been through, how and why did he disappear, and is it really him…?

The police detective assigned to the case is swept away, along with the child’s parents, into an emotional whirlpool all the way to the surprising outcome.

A radio play, adapted for the first time to the stage, dealing with painful, horrifying and relevant issues that come up almost daily on the news about violence and about baby and child abuse.

19.12.2009 – 02.01.2010
Fridays 14:00

The Studio’s Theater hall:
37th Abas st. corner of 19th Hanoch st. Hatikva, Tel-Aviv.

For reservations: 03-6886514 ext/ 101/106
Same day reservations, two hours before the show: 050-8688704
Tickets will be reserved until 15 minutes before the performance.
Late comers will not be allowed into the hall after the show begins.


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