Terrorism – By Presnyakov Brothers – Class of 2012

The play “Terrorism” by the Presnyakov brothers, who considered one of the leading young play writers in the world today, will be premiered in Israel at the Yoram Lowenstein’s acting studio.

What happens when you arrive to an airport that was shut down for a terror alert? You go back home, unexpectedly, to find your wife with her love. On the way you go to the office and discover that your colleague committed suicide.

An exploding gas canister, a child runs away, two elderly women, five policewomen and many other characters and events make up society’s frantic collage in which terrorism and alienation are all over;
It’s the external threat of fanatics, but also our own creation toward ourselves, or as one of the characters in the play says, “No one is innocent”.

Kfir Azulay is considered one of the most prominent young directors in Israeli theater. His rich resume includes: “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” Be’er Sheva Theater, “Mimuna” at Beit Lessin, “The screw” in Hasimta Theater, writing music for plays, and previous productions at the studio.

תמונות פייסבוק

Translation: Alon Pdot
Director: Kfir Azulay
Set: Niv Manor
Costumes: Daniela More
Music: Ran Bagno
Lighting: Hadas Luz
Video: Raday Rubinstain

3rd Year Actors:
Einav Barlevi
Maayan Turgman
Hila Shalev
Inbal Nir
Timor Cohen
Or Ben-Attia
Natanel Azulay
Ori Laizerouvich
Aviv Kushnir  


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