The Graet Notebook – based on a novel by Agota Kristof – Class of 2014


“The Notebook”
based on a novel by Agota Kristof
Play: Einat Barnovski
Director: Irad Rubinshtain

One of the important most divisive creation in the last 30 years, regain actual adaptation, performing 3rd year students in Yoram Lowenstein acting school, directed by Irad Rubinshtain.

“The Notebook”, is the first part from the best seller trilogy written by the Hungarian author Agota Kristof, French literature award winning. It is a shaking anti-militant epos, translated to many languages, stage adaptations as well as a movie on 2013 who won the best movie prize in Karloby Vary festival.

Plot shortcut: the Second World War. Two twin’s brothers are being sent away from their bombed big city to leave in a small town with their grandmother whom they never met.

The grownup of the twins, who become strengthened against the horrible war and the dangers, described in a surprising, fascinating and emotional manner by the spectacular directing style of Irad Rubinshtein, who directed in the studio also “Dona Flor and her two husbands”. The show gain great success in Israel as well as abroad.

The journey log of their childhood, from the moment they arrive to their grandma house, through the meetings with the town people who accept them sympathetically on one hand, but on the other hand use them to fulfill their desires, turn the twins into perfected surviving machines without any human motion.

תמונות פייסבוק

based on a novel by:Agota Kristof
Play: Einat Barnovski
Director: Irad Rubinshtain
Art: Adam Keler
Movment: Amit Zamir
Light: Ziv Voloshin
Custom: Roni Vilozhni

Participate t3rd year actors:
Tom Appelboum
Gal Ben Amra
Eden Gozlan
Noa Har Zion
Avigail Hrari
Aviv Carmi
Gal Koren
Carmel Kendel
Hilel Kapon
Alon Rabinovich
Imri Biton*

* – Studio graduate


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