War – By Lars Noren – class of 2015

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The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:

War, a play by Lars Noren, the great Swedish playwright, in this year’s third year class’s first production, directed by Kfir Azulay.

War is war is war… there is no compassion in it and it is hurtful. it destroys everything in its path.

A story about a father who returns home blind, and finds his family is not what it was. His wife was having an affair with his brother who didn’t fight in the war and daughters changed beyond recognition. Gradually the true consequences of war on the family are exposed and the real war begins.

Play: Lars Noren
Hebrew Translation:Lizzie Oved Scheja
Director: Kfir Azulay
Music: Elad Adar
costume Design: Maya Meidar Moran
Set Design: Yehudit Aharon
Lighting Design: Amir Castro

Performed by 3rd year Actors:
Dawn lanny gabay
Sapir darmon
Tamari shachar
Inna bakelman
Moriya ben harush
Tom graziani
Ofer ruthenberg
David tetro 

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