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The show, “children of the heart” participating religious boys groups, reveals and exposes a very unique and extraordinary relationship between two different worlds; the world of religion and the world of stage and theatre. The relationship was established thanks to Yair Mosel, a studio graduator who also graduates “Utniel” and “Chispin” Yeshivot. This is a unique project in Israel, gaining a great success here in Israel, as well as in festivals around the world.

“Children of the heart” is a group of religious boys at-risk, one of our community work projects. It’s the first time in Israel that religious boys perform in any theatre production.
The group represented Israel in international festivals in Scotland, Germany, Thailand, Czech Republic, Canada and Belarus.

About the show: Humanity is destroying the planet, engaging in endless wars and committing hideous crimes. A mysterious oracle which can not tolerate this any more causes mankind to disappear from the earth. A group of four boys who live a life of crime are sent on a quest to find the world’s broken heart and fix it.

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