I am not a Thief – By Eynat Baranovsky – Class of 2014

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Yaneck arrives to the orphanage run by Yanush Korchak without any Hope in his Heart. In the last orphanage they broke his legs and he is limping since, and cannot do what he does best – running.
And he is also very angry – at his sister, who gave him up, the stuck up Tutor that is now responsible for him, and most of all, the title that stuck to him – a Thief, son of a Thief.Slowly Yaneck discovers a different kind of orphanage. The head of the institute is Yanush Korchak, a writer and a Pediatrician, who teaches him about friendship, responsibility and free choice in a time of fascism, terror and fear

תמונות פייסבוק

Play by: Eynat Baranovsky
Based on a book by:Tami Shem Tov
Director: Sivan Handelsman
Set: Niv Manor
Custom: Moran Meidar
Music: Shir Handelsman
Movement Counseling:Amit Zamir
Light: Ziv Voloshin
Language and Speech:Dan Inbar

Performed by the third-year actors:

Matan Shavit
Daniel Maroz
Dorel Zilberman
Tom Appelboum
Liran Levi
Sivan Mast
Bar Gol
Shiri Ben Cohen
Yael Shildcruot

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