Dangerous Corner – By J.B. Priestly – Class of 2009

Theater arts studio founded by Yoram Levinstein
Is proud to present

Dangerous Corner

By J.B. Priestly
directed by Kaplan
Performed by the third-year actors

Translation: RivkaMeshulach
Scenery and costumes: Yehudit Aharon
Music: Udi Brener
Lighting: Yacob Slib
Assistant decorator: Naama Gliksman
Performed by third-year actors

“I think it is as healthy to tell the truth about the same as it is
Healthy to take a dangerous Corner at a speed of a hundred ”
(Charles Stanton – of the play)

England, cheerful twenties. Frieda and Robert Kaplan hosts a cocktail party close friends, a lovely bunch of young people succeed.  But an innocent box of cigarettes a comment removable accidental opening Pandora’s box in a moment of dark secrets from the past and the group adrift overnight chilling manifestations of suspicion. Lies, intrigue and betrayals are exposed at a dizzying pace until the final secret, the darkest, irrevocably changes the picture pink.

Suspense drama witty and sharp detective Sherlock Holmes-inspired series of Agatha Christie’s books.
Show full of tension, mystery, humor and a lot of truths and lies all our lives.
Specified by one of the playwrights who knew Britain in the twentieth century.

Duration of play for an hour and a half without a break


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