The Flying Classroom – Based on a Book by Erich Kästner – Class of 2013

The Flying Classroom
In Collaboration with the Mediateque Theater
Based on the Children’s Book by Erich Kästner

A play for the entire family (ages 8+), the Flying Classroom is a co-production of the Studio and of the Mediateque Theater in Holon. Important issues such as friendship and courage are put to the test in this funny and thrilling masterpiece.

It is the last few days before the holiday season, and the students of the sixth grade are under loads of pressure, immersed in the final rehearsals for the end of term School Play; an adventure story that travels round the world, written and directed by the students themselves, all the while playing a crucial part in the never-ending battle against the children of the public school. Throughout their games of adventure, the children discover a “real” drama, no less exciting and touching, the story of two best friends, graduates of the boarding school as well, who were set apart by tragedy.

Will the children succeed in uncovering the secrets, making right what went wrong and bringing the two friends back together?

Erich Kästner wrote this fantastic story of friendship and courage in Germany in 1933, and it remains as touching, educational, and relevant to this day.

This new adaptation of Kästner’s novel is the third of a trilogy of adaptations to Kästner’s novels produced by the Mediateque Theater, previously adapting “Emil and the Detectives” and “Lottie and Lisa”.

The play premiers in the Mediateque Theater
6 Golda Meir St. Holon

Playwright: Ido Riklin
Director: Rafi Niv
Set Design: Svetlana Berger
Costumes: Yehudit Aharon
Music: Nadav Rubinstein
Movement: Iris Lena
Lighting: Ziv Voloshin
Theater Movement:Gennady Babitsky

 Udi Ben David
Danny Geva
Rodaya Kozlovsky
Amit Epstein
Gal Amitai
Nadav Laor
Ido Lusky
Itamar Shaked
Shefik Marziano
Imri Biton
Eddi Alterman

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