When the Rain Stops Falling – By Andrew Bovell – Class of 2013


The studio is aiming to produce fresh, kicking contemporary plays that reflect cultures from all over the world. On June 13th will be the Israeli premiere of the award-winning epic by the successful Australian playwright, Andrew Bovell, (Lantana) Translated and directed by Nir Erez.

The play was first premiered in 2008 in Australia and has since run successfully in the main theater capitals in the world while reaping critical acclaims – Time magazine selected it “best new play in 2010”, The British Guardian praised it saying it’s an extraordinary play which reminds us that Australian Playwriting has a lot more to offer than just “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”.
“When the Rain Stops Falling” is a family Saga interweaved with abandonments and separations which moves back and forth in time from 1959 to 2039, from London to Australia – Four generations of Fathers and Sons; their love, their Mothers, their Wives, and the rain that doesn’t stop falling. And the world is flooded…
Duration: about one hour forty-five minutes –

תמונות פייסבוק

By: Andrew Bovell
Translation and Direction: Nir Erez
Set: Diti Ofek Zarfati
Costume: Tal Brimer
Music: Noam Yankelevich
Video: Ricardo Rojstaczer
Lighting Design: Adi Shimrony
Movement: Amit Zamir

 Agam Rudberg
Tom Antopolsky
Maya Bachowski
Efrat Ben-Yaakov Peleg
Avinoam BenNachum
Amit Epstein
Sagi Halperin
Ido Lusky
Adriano Jauvel
Shefi Marziano
Nadav Laor  


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