Miracolo a Milano – Based on a Film by Vittorio De Sica – Class of 2011

Miracolo a milano

an Israeli – Italian co-production
playing at the Piccolo Theatre in Milan and at the SELA Studio in Tel Aviv

These days, in the midst of an oppressive cultural boycott on Israel, a remarkable and unique collaboration is taking place between SELA – The performing arts’ studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein, and the prestigious Paolo Grassi acting school and The Piccolo Theater in Milan, producing a stage adaptation for the classic movie “Miracle in Milan” ( Vittorio De Sica, 1951), with the participation of Israeli and Italian actors. The play will be preformed at the prestigious “Piccolo Theater” in Milan and at the studio hall in Tel Aviv.

To begin with, the two groups of actors are meeting in Milan to create this co-production between the Israeli Yoram Loewenstien studio and the Italian Paolo Grassi acting school, the cultural differences and the language barrier creating a fascinating and even more challenging encounter.

As in the film, a scattered group of individuals unite, through the use of theater language and a heavy dose of imagination, to tell the story of Toto, an orphan who at the age of 18 goes to the big city and builds, along with a bunch of beggars, a town of shacks in an abandoned field. When they unintentionally discover an oil reserve in the field, Moby, the owner of the land, appears and attempts to kick them out. They go to battle against him in order to retain their homes and their right to live as human beings.

The play was adapted and directed by Roy Reshef Maliach, a SELA graduate, teacher and director, who also teaches at Paolo Grassi, considered one of Italy’s leading theater schools, and choreographed by Amit Zamir, also a SELA graduate and teacher.

Appearing on the stage are 11 actors – five Israelis and six Italians, who tell the story in three different languages, creating a new and original stage language.

On June 24th the play will premier on the Piccolo Theater in Milan, and after a short run the whole production will come to Israel for 4 performances at the studio’s theater hall.

The project is supported by the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Municipality of Milan as part of the “twin cities” project.

July 1st 17:00, 20:30
July 2nd 14:00
July 3rd 20:30

The studio’s Theater Hall
37 Abbas St. corner Of 19 Hanoch St., Tel Aviv, Israel

To view photos from the rehersals and show on Facebook page

A ‘miracolo’ of mutual appreciation  – an article from “haaretz” in english

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