SELA – The performing arts studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein is proud to present: 

In Her Own Way

Hatikva Golden Age assembly

Group of women in their senior years present their life stories and open a window into their world. In a journey through time they courageously reveal themselves: their pain, humor, and wit; their loneliness and their desires.
The show “In her own way”, participating Hatikva Golden Age assembly and directed by 3rd year students (Liran Korotkin, Eyal Heina Gali), will represent the studio in the theatrical autumn festival, taking place at Suzan Dallal center in Tel-Aviv. 
The festival is the highlight event of the most exquisite shows being raised during the past year in the communal .organizations

Liran Korotkin and Eyal Haine-Gali
Video Editing:
Yael Elfenbaum
Roni Paz-Har
Community Coordinator:
Halil Itzhak


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