Darfur – By Winter Miller – Class of 2013

It is the midst of the Civil war in Darfur. The New York Times Correspondent is one of the first journalists to realize that what is going on is genocide. In order to awaken the public and force the UN into action a cover story is needed – but to get the cover story she must publish the name and photograph of one of the victims she is in touch with. In the refugee’s sensitive situation, publishing an identifying photograph of her is equal to a death sentence. This is a heart-wrenching drama about Hawa, a refugee from Darfur, whose personal tragedy becomes a bargaining chip in the hands of an American journalist and the ethical dilemma she faces: To publish Hawa’s name and picture even if it means risking her life?

The story of the Sudanese Refugees has been in the headlines more than once over the past few years in Israel, but this is the first time the war-stricken country’s tale is portrayed on an Israeli stage.

It is not a coincidence the studio decided to put on this play now – March is the international Women’s History Month, and this story portrays the difficulties of women in Sudan, who undergo Ethnic Cleansing which is expressed by brutal acts of rape that transmit various diseases including HIV, and lead to pregnancies that cause the women’s banishment by their husbands and villages.

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

תמונות פייסבוק

By: Winter Miller
Translation: Einat Barnovski
Director: Maya Shaya
Music: Boaz Shchori
Set: Niv Manor
Movement: Amit Zamir
Costume: Ifat Gabay

By the Third year actors:
Oshrat Ingedashet
Tom Antopolsky
Dorin Kario
Neta Tamshe
Elad Atrakchi
Hamis Elshaih*
Ori Atia*
Idan Ashkenazi*

Ortal Tasma
Mary Masalsh Ingedashet

* – First Year students  


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