Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands – Based on the Novel by Jorje Amado – Class of 2012

Israeli Premier! Based on the famous novel and successful Brazilian film
“Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands”.

Vadinio, Dona Flor’s first husband, drops dead in the midst of the Carnival.
The young widow is longing for her dead lover, that though used to make her life miserable by cheating, gambling and drinking, filled her with passion and energy.

To Flor’s delight, Dr. Theodoro, proposes her to marry him, and she is looking forward to open a new page in her life with the distinguish doctor who is all decency, conservatism and steadiness – the complete opposite of the late Vadinio.

Flor steps with her second husband toward comfortable, peaceful and somewhat dull life. The passionate and lechery memories of the dead husband suddenly pop up, and Flor struggles to keep her peace of mind. Desires start rampaging and she has to choose between the forces that taunting her. But why did she have to choose when you can have it both ways?
In 1976 this brilliant novel was adapted to the screen, and was the largest blockbuster in the Brazil for more than three decades.

Stage performance is inspired by the carnival in Rio and is accompanied with stage fighting, aerial acrobatics and rhythmic atmosphere of colorful Brazilian Samba.

Ha’aretz Guide

Based on the novel by:
Jorje Amado
Yoav Shutan
and Irad Rubinstain
Director: Irad Rubinstain
Stage design & Props:Diti Ofek-Tsarfati
Costumes: Oren Dar
Music: Itshak Franco
Soundtrack: Ido Manor
Movement: Amit Zamir
Lighting: Ziv Volloshin
Vocal Coaching:
Shai Ben-Yaacov
Samba coaching:
Tsach Yosifun
Drumming coaching:
Yaara Barbash
Stage Combat:
Ori Bustan

3rd Year Actors:
Raz Harel
Shir Klipper
Dafi Alpern
Nathalie Berman
Chen Bar-El
Keren Salant
Inbar Dannon
Alex Krul
Shoam Shiener
Shimeon Haba
Ido Wolfovitz
Or Edri  

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