Singles – By Hanoch Levin – Class of 2010

Singles // רווקים ורווקות 

It has been for quite a while that spinster Flotzicka is trying to drag to the rabanuth Zainuch “the idiot” – a bachelor in his thirties, who he still searching for himself and his was in the world.

Comic play with brilliant moments
About Males,
And everything in-between 

תמונות פייסבוק

Play By Hanoch Levin
Direction: Noam Shmuel 

Set : Niv Manor
Music: Tal Blcharovich
Costume : Avital Lahat
Lightning: Dolev Tzigel
Magics : Lior Rochman
Piano and Musical management: Michal Solomon

Performed by the thirdyear acrors


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