The Glory of Living – By Rebecca Gilman – Class of 2010

The Glory Of Libing // ילדה טובה

A sad and difficult story about the complex and violent relationship between 15 year old Lisa and 35 year old Clint in United States’ distressed South.

The play is an accusation of a hypocritical society which neglects the weak, crushes their self respect and dignity, and deprives them of basic human needs, and after forcing them to the edge, stands shocked and amazed as they turn into moral-less and conscience-less human beings.

Through the perspective of its puritanical value system, society judges them, puts them behind bars; sometimes even sentences them to death.

No solution or social rehabilitation is proposed; only the perpetuation and continuing deterioration of the situation

תמונות פייסבוק

Play By Rebecca Gilman

Translation and direction:
Nir Erez

Set Designer: Niv Manor
Costumes Designer: Oren Dar
Noam Yankelevich
Lightning: Adi Shimroni

Performed by the thirdyear acrors


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