Anna Karenina – Based on a novel by Leo Tolstoy – Class of 2014

Anna Karenina
By Leo Tolstoy
Adapted by Helen Edmondson
Translation Rivka Meshulach
Director Aya Kaplan

The Studio, craves to combine throughout the year original, young, trailblazing plays, alongside classics adapted into the unique setting of the studio’s performance hall. In the past year a number of plays have had great success among audiences and critics including “Eyewitness,” “The Lady from the Sea” and of course” The Rocky Horror Show.”

Leo Tolstoy’s classical masterpiece in a bold and innovative adaptation will be the first production of the new third year class of 203-2014:
Between Moscow’s and St. Petersburg’s high society glamour’s salons and the outlying villages in Czarist Russia, two shaking love stories unfold. Anna, the wife of a respected lawmaker in Petersburg and a mother to a boy, falls in love with Vronsky, a handsome young officer. The two swept into a love affair that would bring about Anna shame and social ostracism and spin her soul whirlwind of passion, despair and fear. On the other end, Levine, the countryside aristocrat, is tormented with love to beautiful Kitty which in turn is desperately in love with Vronsky, Anna’s lover.

Turbulent drama about pride and family, passion for life and attraction to death which proves that “all happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family – unhappy in its own way.”

תמונות פייסבוק

By: Leo Tolstoy
Adapted by: Helen Edmondson
Translation: Rivka Meshulach
Director: Aya Kaplan
Set and Costumes:Yehudit Aaron
Music: Yuval Mesner
Movement: Amit Zamir
Lighting: Ziv Voloshin

Featuring third-year actors:
Aviv Carmi
Avigail Harari
Alon Rabinowitz
Gal Ben Amara
Gal Koren
Hillel Capon
Yael Schildkraut
Sivan Mast
Eden Gozlan
Liran Levy
Noa Har Zion


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