Shosha – Based on Isaac Bashevis Singer – class of 2015

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The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:
Based on Isaac Bashevis Singer

This is the story of Aaron Greidingr. A young Jewish writer from pre-Second World War Warsaw, whose soul is destined to always be torn between faith in God and the way of reason and rationalism. Between longing for the innocent days of his childhood and his adulthood.
This is a love story. A different kind of love, one that may be hard to explain.
Aaron had no intention of neither getting married nor having children, but to live life to the fullest, with passion and curiosity, and as such he had affairs with several women simultaneously. But then, in a romantic trip with one of the women to his childhood town, he meets Shosha, a neighbor girl who was the love of his childhood, and his heart sparked again. But Shosha is developmentally and emotionally challenged, all his friends, the bohemians of Warsaw, wonder what he finds in her and why would he abandon his exciting life and chooses to tie his life with hers and even sacrifice them for it.

Isaac Bashevis Singer (1902-1991) is considered the greatest Yiddish writers of all time, and many of his books were translated into Hebrew and other languages. Among them: the slave, The Magician of Lublin, Enemies, a Love Story and many more. In 1978 Singer won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

עמוד פייסבוק
תמונות פייסבוק

Based on Isaac Bashevis Singer
Play Adaptation: Yevgeny Arye & Lena Laskina
Translation: Ben bar- shavit
Stage Version & Director:Nir Erez
Set: Tal ariel arbiv
Costumes: Yehudit aharon
Movement: Amit Zamir
Lighting: Amir castro
Music: Noam yankelevich

Performed by 3rd year Actors:
Tal Idisis
Idan Ashkenazi
Inna Bakelman
Tom Graziani
Sapir Darmon
Adam Hirsch
David Tetro
Alin Levy
Dawn lanny gabay
Shira kuriel
Ofer Ruthenberg
Hanan Schwartzberg
Nadav Sharabi
Michal Abbou