Eyewitness – By Joshua Sobol – Class of 2013

By Joshua Sobol
Director HagitRehaviNikolayevsky

Conscience, morality, conformism and disobedience, those sensitive issues that concern the Israeli society are at the center of the play by Joshua Sobol.

The play is based on the true story of Franz Jägerstätter, an AustrianCatholic citizen, a mechanic,married and father of two girls, who was sentenced to death for refusing to join the Wehrmacht and became a symbol of Conscientious objectorinoccupied Austria and for extraordinary courage.
As he was on death row, waiting for the execution in his Berlin’s prison cell, he was given the opportunity to repent and to recruit and wearWehrmacht uniform.
The Judges, his former lover, the military psychiatrist, the prison warden, the priest and his friends –are all trying to convince him to compromise. His longing for beloved wife, Franca, and his daughter, Maria, almostoverrides it.
His moral dilemmas as a person and as a citizen, and his objection to become part of the murderous Nazi regime did not allow him to compromise and lead him to the inevitable end.
The play, which was premiered at the Cameri Theater, and first exposed Itay Tiran (who played the character of Franz), was titled by critics as one of the finest and most important plays of the period.
In the studio’s production the role of Franz will be play by ImeriBiton, third year student.

תמונות פייסבוק

By: Joshua Sobol
Director: Hagit Rehavi Nikolayevsky
Set: Diti: Ofek Zarfati
Costumes: Tal Brimer
Music: Yuval Mesner
Movement: Amit Zamir
Lighting: Jacob Salib

Participants Third year actors:
Imri Biton
Adriano Jauvel
Dorin Kario
Mor Sharon
Ortal Ben- Shoshan
Efrat Ben-Yaakov Peleg
Itamar Shaked
Ido Lusky
Sagi Halperin
Tom Graziani – first year student  


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