Three Sisters – By Anton Chekhov – Class of 2011

SELA – The Performing Arts Studio Founded By Yoram Loewenstein presents :

Three Sisters
By: Anton Chekhov
Translated by: Eran Baniel

The Last play written by Anton Chekhov before he died will be performed by third year students at Yoram Loewenstein’s Acting Studio from 11.6. The sisters will played by Rona Li Simon as Masha,Yael Grobgalas as Irena and Liran Korotkin as Olga. Hagit Rechavi – Nikolayevsky will direcet.

3 sisters enpty

Three Sisters, considered as Chekhov’s most famous play, was indeed quite a few times on various Israeli theaters, but anyone who knows the studio’s productions (e.g. “Chicago” was adapted to the small space perfectly) already knows that this is a completely different theatrical experience and plays get a different unique and special twist.

The three sisters live in a provincial town in a faraway province and their only desire is to sell their house and return to Moscow, the big city and start new and exciting life.
But in the meantime they are busy with gossip, jealousy and courtship with officers of the Military Division, located in town.

Winter, summer and fall will pass, the brigade will leave town, things will go very wrong and the sisters will remain without love and the new life they sought.

Chekhov, in his last and perhaps his greatest play of all, tells us in his enchanting unique way a tale of love, loneliness and broken dreams.


תמונות פייסבוק

Directed by: Hagit Rehavi-Nikolayevsky
Set: Diti Ofek-Zarfaty
Costumes: Irena Sher
Music: Shosh Riseman
Movement Consultant: Amit Zamir
Lighting: Adi Shimrony

Participating 3rd year actors:

Rona-Li Shimon
Yael Grobglass
Liran Korotkin
Dorit Lilian
Aviv Nagosa
Halil Itzhak*
Ohad Twiser
Omri Uzan
Ori Mzaaki
Guy Hirsh
Eyal Hayne-Galli
Idan Maman
Lior Shikva
Daniel Maizler
Shir Klipper**
Ori Lazerovich**

*Studio Graduate **Second Year Students


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