Death Valley Junction – Albert Ostermeier – Class of 2011

Death Valley Junction – November 2010

By Albert Ostermeier
Directed by Amit Zarka

Desmond is celebrating his birthday, but finds himself, unfortunately, stuck in the heart of a desert without gasoline, water, shade, or cell phone reception. A series of delusional meetings with a pair of violent bikers, a junkie, and a man beside a pool lead to one conclusion: that Desmond is destined to die.
“Death Valley” was written by Albert Ostermeier, a contemporary German poet and playwright, and translated to Hebrew by Einat Baronovsky. The play was produced in Germany in the year 2000, and is now being mounted in Israel for the first time, under the direction of Amit Zarka and performed by third year students of the Yoram Lowenstein Acting School.
Ostermeier was inspired by Dante’s “Divine Comedy” (Dante’s journey through the 3 Realms of Death), but in this play, God is not part of the picture.

At Orna Ben Chorin Hall, 22nd Mevaser St. Tel Aviv

death valley

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