Passing The Love Of A Women – By Motti Lerner & Israel Zamir – Class of 2013


is the wonderful story of Zissel (Shefik Marziano) and Azriel (Amit Epstein), a couple of Yeshiva students, in love with each other, yet unable to consummate their love in the small town. Zissel leaves his wife, dresses in her clothes and runs away with his lover to the town of Lublin. There they live together as husband and wife, but they are unable to disconnect the contradiction between their leanings and their beliefs. Zissel, wearing women’s clothes, cannot study in the Yeshiva. Finally Azriel decides to “go back inside” and marry a woman. The animosity between them grows, only their bitter end brings their love to its conclusion.

The play which was successfully produced by Habima Theater on 2004 was adapted to stage from a short story by Bashevis Singer, laureate Nobel Prize in Literature. No doubt the story was a very revolutionary and unorthodox for its time, whereas the theme of homosexuality in the religious society is “outing” to the public through TV and film only during lately.

The play is directed by Yair Mossel, studio graduate 2008, who is also a graduate of Hispin Yeshiva, who deals courageously with an issue that consider a taboo in the society where he was raised.

תמונות פייסבוק

Set: Niv Manor
Play by: Motti Lerner and Israel Zamir
Based on Bashevis Singer’s short story:“Two”
Stage adaptation:Hannan Snir
Director: Yair Mossel
Music: Yosi Ben Nun
Musical arrangement:Shai Ben-Yaacov
Costumes: Barak Poni
Movement: Nelly Amar & Tierri Morrelle
Lighting: Uri Morag

By the Third year actors:
Elad Atrakchi
Eddi Alterman
Tom Antopolsky
Amit Epstein
Maya Bachowski
Ortal Ben- Shoshan
Netzer Charitt
Neta Tamshe
Shefik Marziano
Agam Rudberg
Itamar Shaked
Mor Sharon


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