Ophira’s Bracelet – Based on a Book by Rivka Magen – Class of 2009

Ophira’s bracelet

a co-production between Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio & Orna Porat Theater

Written & Directed: Gil Tzernovich
Music: Shai Ben-Yaacov
Lighting: Ziv Ooloshin
Costumes: Maya Peleg
Stage & Accessories: Roni Caramel
Performed by the thitd year actors

Debut: 19 February 2009
Duration of performance: About an hour without a break

aMoving drama based on a true story by Rivla Magen.
No one knew how ophira’s bracelet got into Nira’s bag  and yet they all decide to call her “Nira the thief.” One by one, all her friends leave Nira and she finds herself alone in the world. Her Personal diary is her only friend and listener to her feelings.

“Ophira’s Bracelet” is a story about a bunch of happy children,and  a terrible incident that leads to ostracism of one of them. It is also a story about a boycott and isolation, the individual against the group and the companies that stood the test. Despite what happened, is there room for forgiveness? Is the party back to square one and everything would be like that?

Co-production Orna Porat Theater and Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio.
Ages 8 – 12 and the whole family


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