After The Rain – By Sergei Belbel- Class of 2011

To a huge office building’s roof sneaks one after the other, seven people to commit one of the most serious crimes of our time – Smoking.

Between inhalation to exhalation the social code is cracking, politeness is falling down and intrigues, plots, secrets and evil intents 2016-02-09 11-27-56


Translation: Einat
Director: Aya Kaplan
Set & Customers:
Yehodit Haron
Amit Zmir

Participating 3rd year actors:

Meital Gal
Gil Yfrach*
Aviva Nagosa
Tomy Biremboim
Yarden Bracha
Dana Meinhart
Liran Korotkin
Itay Roitenberg
Guy Hirsh
Tom Hagy

*2009 studio graduate

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