Under The Doctor – By Peter Tilbury – class of 2015


A Sexy Comedy with a French Flavor

A story about a young doctor, Dr. Jean Pierre Moulineaux, who suffers from a terrifying high level of testosterone. Each young and beautiful patient passes through his clinic causes him to lose his temper . On the other hand, he loves his wife and is afraid she'll find out about his mischief – and it all goes on in his house which is also his clinic.
His only help comes from An efficient but expensive servant, , a gefilte-fish-addict real estate agent and a futuristic sex machine. Will the Doctor manage to eat his strudel and leaving it whole? Iin any case he can't seem to stop licking the whipped cream…

Yoram Leowenstrin Acting Studio's first re-staging of a play, after great success in 2005.

תמונות פייסבוק

Play: Peter Tilbury
Hebrew Translation: Shir Freibach
Director: Roni mendelson
Music: Yuval mesner
costume Design: Liron minkin
Set Design: Avi seechvi
Lighting Design: Jake sliv
Vocal guidance: Shay ben Jacob

Performed by 3rd year Actors:
Michal Abbou
Tal Idisis
Elior Amsalem
Idan Ashkenazi
Efi BenEli
Adam Hirsch
Roei Weinberg
Alin Levy
Ori Atia
Shira Curiel
Hanan Schwartzberg
Nadav Sharabi