Momo – based on a book by Michael Ende – Class of 2012

Charming story about the time thieves
and the girl who returned the stolen time to human beings.

Where did Momo come from to the big city and the ruined amphitheater?
Why children love to play with her and so many adults tell her their troubles?
Who are the Men in Gray and why are they trying to thwart Momo?
Can Momo triumph them?
Will Maestro Secundus Minutus Hora help her?
What does Cassiopeia, the tortoise, predict for the future?
And what is the special virtue of the lovely hour-lilies?

A colorful and compelling play, funny and moving…

for Children aged 6 to 120!

book by: michael Ende (The Neverending Story)
Play by: Ido Riklin
Director: Rafi Niv
Music: Nadav Rubinstein
Motion: Iris Lena
Set: Svetlana Berger
Costumes: Judith Aron
Battles Stage: Gennady Babitsky
Lighting: Ziv Volloshin

3rd Year Actors:
Chen Bar-El
Keren Salant
Inbarr Dannon
Raz Harel
Maayan Turgman
Inbal Nir
Hila Shalev
Alex Krul
Ori Laizerouvich
Natanel Azulay
Shimeon Haba
Shoam Shiener
Or Edri  

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