When the Rain Stops Falling – By Andrew Bovell – Class of 2023

כשהגשם יפסיק לרדת

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:
When the Rain Stops Falling

By Andrew Bovell
Translation: Dori Parnes
Director: Yotam Kushnir


Determined to retrace his father’s footsteps and piece together the fragments of his family story, Gabriel travels to Australia. There, in a road-inn in the middle of nowhere, he meets a young waitress named Gabrielle who herself is haunted by her tragic past, where she lost both her parents following the disappearance of her little brother. The couple embarks on a joint journey where they will discover love for the first time in their lives, and also the dark history of the two families.
“When the Rain Stops Falling” deals with issues of self-identity, abandonment, forgiveness, and love, it examines how family, heredity and tradition shape our future in visible and invisible ways.

תמונות פייסבוק

Set: Roey Vatury
Costumes: Hilla Nevat
Lighting: Eyal Tavori
Soundtrack: Nadav Eder
Video: Daniella Bella Candleshine
Movement: Tomer Yifrach

Performed 3ed Year Students:
Dan Sharir
itay koren
Dean Hafner
Rada Kantarovich
Dean Gerber
Nadav Eder
Adi Kulikovsky
Mika pilewski
Eleanor Weil
Roee vaknin
Nissan Sakira
Nadav Tom Erteschik

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