They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? – By Horace McCoy – Class of 2024

הם יורים גם בסוסים

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

By Horace McCoy

Translation:Roy Chen
Director: Lilach Segal

A masterpiece written by the Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. A brilliant story with countless charms are just a small part of all the good things this show has to offer.

One day during rehearsals for a play at the theater, six characters appear to them asking the director to write a play about their lives.

A show about theater and life. A fine tragic comedy with a lot of charm.

Musical Director & Conductor: Yoni Gvura
Set and accessories:Svetlana Breger
Costumes:Yuval Casspin
Lighting: Eyal Tavori
Choreography: Ilan Zacharov


Performed 3ed Year Students:
Gloria: Daniel Gimpel
Rocky:  אוהד לאלו/Mike Eli
Robert: Omer Farbman
Shirley: Coral Anabel Lukatch / Tali Kusner
Alice: Lyri Hafner
Ruby: Tamar Kornblum
Mary: Maya Meroz
Goldie: Noa Vatner
Harry: Guy Birger
James: Eliya Shem-Tov
Mario: Golan Ventura
וי – David Bar Ilan
Johnny – Nadav Arditi
Rollo: Micael Vilozny
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