The 3rd hope festival Hatikva

Best community theatre production exposing our communal work in Hatikva neighborhood.
The Yoram Loewenstein acting school is located in the heart of Hatikva neighborhood. The uniqueness of the school is in the combination between the highest level of professional acting studies with community work in the neighborhood where the school is located.
Few such institutions exist around the world.
As part of the training to become professional actors, the acting students are committed to lead 16 drama groups with in the community such as :children and youth at-risk, immigrant’s children in distress, children and youth with special needs and emotional problems elderly and more.

The bride from Alenby – original play

The play “The bride from Alenby” presented in “opening stage 14” Beit Lesin theatre festival

A young women getting pregnant and going through abortion after her man pressure her to do so. She is joining the police force, looking after that thing calls “justice” in a violent and arbitrary world where everything is permitted. This journey becomes to revenge journey where she has everything to lose, except her justice feeling. A psychological poetic drama

Show duration 45 minutes

Writing and directing:Elad David – graduate Hatikva youth group. Participating: Hatikva youth group – Michaela Cadevitz, Raya Ischakov, Ben Ravian, Eden Bar

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