Spring Awakening – By Frank Wedekind – Class of 2023

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:

Spring Awakening

By Frank Wedekind
Director: Moshe Kepten


A story of a group of young people, school students who become aware of their sexuality for the first time, when the daily encounter with the establishment and their parents leads to complex points of friction. In the center of the play are three boys: Melchior, Moritz and the beautiful Vandella. Moritz has difficulty in his studies and suffers from the abuse of school teachers and his strict father; Vandla tries to find an answer to questions about love, sexuality and pregnancy; and Melchior – who has a hard time dealing with the fact that the questions he asks are not answered. The play focuses on the most complex and charged journey that every man and woman iare required to undertake in their life – the transition from childhood to adulthood.
An original musical adaptation of the modern classic that ignited the minds of generations of parents and children of every age in a world after and during war.

The director’s words:
The play raises many questions about parenting and acceptance, and in a world where no one prepares us to be parents, there is no escape from asking ourselves what kind of parents we are? good or bad? What makes us good parents? And does a strict education for our children make them better people or – God forbid – more hurt. The story of these children growing up is the story of our own growth, and the questions about the acceptance and inclusion of the children by their parents and the society in which they live were and remain relevant (perhaps even more so) nowadays, when issues such as sexual identity, boycotts and suicide of children and teenagers are present almost every day in our public discourse.
Moshe Kepten


תמונות פייסבוק

Chants: Noam Horev
Original music: Ohad Hitman
Arrangements and musical production: Lior Ronen
Set and accessories: Eran Atzmon Roei Akav
Costumes: Yael Skidelsky
Lighting: Avi Yona Bueno Bambi
Movement: Tut Mulor
Video art:  Arik Avigdor
Voice guidance: Lior Ronen
Sound: Elad Dadon

Performed 3ed Year Students:
Amit Shoshani
Ben Zabludowski
Dan Sharir
Dean Gerber
Dean Hafner
Eleanor Weil
Gal White
Lidor Admoni
Ligea Keat
Mika Pilewski
Nadav Eder
Nadav Erteschik
Nissan Sakira
Ofir assaf
Omer Danenberg
Rada Kantarovich
Roee Vaknin
Tal Grushka
Yaara Levi
Yoav Serfaty


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