Mary Stuart – By Friedrich Schiller – Class of 2022

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:
Mary Stuart

By Friedrich Schiller
Translation: Yotam Benshalom
Director: Eldar Gohar Groisman

A battle between two queens, two sisters. Mary Stuart has been imprisoned for 19 years by her sister Queen Elizabeth, who is also “captive” in her official and binding role as ruler of England. The play takes place in the last 24 hours of Mary’s life, from the moment her sentence was delivered to her until its execution. In the last day of her life, we witness the storm that shakes Elizabeth’s stability: her persistent attempt to preserve the sanctity of her sister’s life at any cost, and her desire to be free of any obligation. Along with this, a mesmerizing political thriller takes place between the forces trying to maintain the continuation of Elizabeth’s reign and those trying to destroy it.
An emotional play about the darkest intricacies of politics, power struggles, family ties and government.

תמונות פייסבוק

Set: Neta Haker
Costumes: Dany Bar Shay
Lighting: Keren Garnek
Music: Rami Osservaser
Video & Cameras: Ido kagan & Hillel Sherf
Production Manager: Eyal Tavori
Sound: Hillel Sherf

Performed 3ed Year Students:
Noa Goldberg
Noa Sabach
Reut Gal
Gil Zaguri
Ran Mosheiov
Dor Elmakyes
Daniel Peretz
Ben Drori
Roee Cohen
Haran Rudoy
Yarden Tiger
Guy Provizor

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