Love! Valour! Compassion! – By Terrence McNally – Class of 2019

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents an Israeli Premiere:
Love! Valour! Compassion!

Play By Terrence McNally
Director: Alon Ofir

In a pastoral village not far from New York, in the mid-1990s, a group of gay men gather, some of them married, some of them single, but all of them long for true love. During three weekends they learn to love, hate to accept each other and especially themselves, while in the background the AIDS epidemic rages and collects its victims.

Terrence McNally’s bold, moving and witty play won the Toni Award for 1994 and is a direct continuation of previous plays on the subject, such as Angels in America, The Common Heart and others. The play was adapted for an acclaimed film and now performing its Israeli premiere at the Yoram Loewenstein Acting Studio.

עמוד פייסבוקתמונות פייסבוק

Play: Terrence McNally
Translation: Ido Riklin
: Alon Ofir
Choreography: Tom Appelbaum
Musical Editing
: Alon Ofir
: Oren Dar
Set: Niv Manor
Lighting: Eyal Tavori
Artistic Director: Lilach Segal

Performed by 3rd year Actors:
Eden Amsili
Adam El Shir
Yariv Dahan
Guy Damidov
Amir Khoury
Matanel Laiany
Ilan zacharov
Sagi perez
Elico levi
Roy Raviv
Yuval shevach

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