Ghetto – By Joshua Sobol – Class of 2021

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:

By Joshua Sobol
Director: Dorel Zilberman

The story of the amazing and moving experiences of the Jewish theatre ensemble that operated in the Vilnius (Vilna) ghetto.
How to preserve not only human lives but also the life of the spirit and the humanity, in the most impossible conditions, and how to maintain delicate emotions in the face of ultimate evil.
Joshua Sobol’s successful play in a new musical production.

תמונות פייסבוק

Play: Joshua Sobol
Director: Dorel Zilberman
Set: Roy Vatury
Costumes: Aviv Carmi
Lighting: Eyal Tavori
Music: Nadav Vikinskey
Movement: Amit Zamir
Vocal Training: Limor Oved
Text Guidance: Efrat Lifshitz

Performed 3ed Year Students:
Sharon Cohen Raz
Avital Galil
Mor Dimri
Asaf Jonash
Eyal Pariente
Liam Pinto
Bar Cohen
Dan Kuperman
Elad Shenkar
Tom Zidner
Lital Davidi
Adam Shnal
Guy Provisor
Seymor Daniel
Haran Rudoy

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