The 3rd hope festival Hatikva

Best community theatre production exposing our communal work in Hatikva neighborhood.
The Yoram Loewenstein acting school is located in the heart of Hatikva neighborhood. The uniqueness of the school is in the combination between the highest level of professional acting studies with community work in the neighborhood where the school is located.
Few such institutions exist around the world.
As part of the training to become professional actors, the acting students are committed to lead 16 drama groups with in the community such as :children and youth at-risk, immigrant’s children in distress, children and youth with special needs and emotional problems elderly and more.

FI(F)T-1N! Original play

With cooperation of Beit Danny – local youth cultural center, Menash (youth neighborhood board) and Tel-Aviv Municipality (welfare department)

At the age of 15, Darya find her selves alone in the big city. Her brother died when she was only a baby, her father abandoned the family and her mother is in middle life crises, took off to India with no plans to come back soon. In a long and tiring journey of finding a place in the city jungle and even when it seem to be the hardest times, there is always someone looking after us. A crazy collage of teenager’s day to dayproblems Show duration 40 minutes

Writing: Dorel Zilberman
Guiding and directing:Dorel Zilberman and Matan Shavit
Hatikva girls group:
Diana Olernik
Noa Chaik Gueta
Noam Zaituni
Bat El Malkian
Lee Hodaya Oren
Yahli Avraham
Sh;omit Eliyahu

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