The 2nd hope festival Hatikva.
Best community theatre production exposing our communal work in Hatikva neighborhood
The Yoram Loewenstein acting school is located in the heart of Hatikva neighborhood. The uniqueness of the school is in the combination between the highest level of professional acting studies with community work in the neighborhood where the school is located.
Few such institutions exist around the world.
As part of the training to become professional actors, the acting students are committed to lead 16 drama groups with in the community such as: youth at-risk, immigrant’s children in distress, children with special needs and emotional problems, blinds and partly blinds, elderly and more.

Lior Duvdevani, studio graduate 2005, guided during his studies the Hatikva neighborhood elderly woman group. He directed them in the show “Honey I’m home”, as part of the community work in the neighborhood.
The couple, Duvdevani & Kovatch, will show in a few nonsense sketches. They will take you to the hilarious side of life and make you laugh.

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