Bull – By Mike Bartlett – Class of 2020

פתיחת מפת וייז

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:

By: Mike Bartlett
Director and Translation: Meirav Shirom

Performed by 3rd year Actors:
Daniel Moreshet
Sean Softi
Daniel Avital
Shay Cohen Ne'eman
Odeya Yaron

Costumes: Meirav Shirom and the cast
Movement and Music Editing: Matan Ben Shimol
Lighting and set: Eyal Tavori
Artistic Director: Lilach Segal

In this office, someone will be fired today. Thomas, Tony and Isobel fight for their jobs and in this brutal battle, as in life, only the strongest survive. All means are legitimate, even when the end is already known.
Mike Bartlett's powerful play had won the prestigious Olivia Award 2015, and was produced with great success in London and New York. It is a play you can't remain indifferent to. Look at them and see us, a society in which only the most capable survive, a society without empathy or compassion with one purpose only - to strengthen the tribe and to win.

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