Baby – By Amanda Whittington – class of 2016

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:


A heart-touching play about hope, friendship and survival of girls bearing unwanted pregnancy, in a prudish convent in England in the 60s, a time of conflict and change, with the birth of the Beatles and free love.

The play, by the British playwriter Amanda Whittington (Dennis Potter Award winner), like the film "The Magdalene Sisters" directed by Peter Mullan, is a critical perspective on the religious society opposite the endless yearning for freedom, at the end of the age innocence. In many ways, it reveals the basic mechanism of Christianity or any other religion, which exploits human weakness for economic purposes.

Mary Adams, a pregnant 19 year old goody-two-shoe with a collection of vinyl record, is sent to the st. savior monastery, run by the Church. For the first time in her life she is far from her parents, and is forced to cope alone with the shame of a pregnancy outside marriage and the intolerable knowledge that despite the terrible feelings that arise, she will have give the baby up for adoption.

In the convent, Marie meets girls in the same situation as her, and together they escape the rigid discipline and struggling the nuns into an alternate reality of a fantasy world, brimming with innocence, youth and strong friendship, where love and freedom are the winners.

עמוד פייסבוק
תמונות פייסבוק
הורד תוכניה

Play: Amanda Whittington
Translation: Einat baranovsky
Director: Daphna Silberg
Movement: Amit Zamir
Costume Design: Tal Kilshon
Set Design: Ruth Miller
Light Design: Yair Segal
Music Director: Eyal Lenzini
Video-Art (filming): Idan Sason
Video-Art (editing): Nimrod Zin
Artistic DirectorLilach Segal
PR Photographs: Raday Rubinstein

Performed by 3rd year Actors:
Aviv Pinksa
Roni Ohana
Reut Alush
Hadas Feder
Shiran Huberman
Hadar Dimand
Ron Kaner
Yarden Toussia-Cohen