Chaplin: The Musical – By christopher curtis & Thomas Mann – Class of 2016

The Yoram Leowenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:
Chaplin - The Musical

The musical tells the incredible life story of Charlie Chaplin, whose life started in the slums of south London in poverty and pain, through dealing with family crises and difficult and demanding jobs, to immigration to America, there he becomes one of the most beloved, admired and richest actors in the world.
His fascinating life involves controversial romance with the women in his life, alongside blockbusters that he created, the suspicions that he is a communist spy, his European exile and the triumphant return to America as in idol.
Funny moments and turbulent human drama, just like his cinematic character "The Tramp" that the whole world sympathized with, and worshiped him as a comedic genius, changing forever the face of world cinema.

The young Chaplin will play the stars of the stars of the television hit "School of Music".

The musical will be accompanied by spectacular dances and songs engrave in your heart for much longer.


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עמוד פייסבוק
תמונות פייסבוק

By: christopher curtis & Thomas Mann‏
Translation: Danny Leshman
Director: Shuki wagner
Choreography: Omer Zimri
Set: Zeev Levi
Costumes: Maya Meidar Moran
Musical director: Michal Solomon
Video-Art: Doron Tiberg
Lighting: Keren Granek
Vocal Guidance: Limor Oved
Choreographer Assistant: Tomer Ifrach
Sound: Elad Dadon

Performed by 3rd year Actors:
Ofri Biterman
Reut Alush
Shiran Huberman
Israel Koginsky
Roni Ohana
Yahli Elimelech
Jade Daiches Weeks
Ron Kaner
Yael Folman
Aviv Pinkas
Sari Simhov
Hadar Dimand
Orel Izikel
Tom Mercier
Avi Sarussi
Hanan Asraf
Daniel Demidov
Omer Perelman Striks
Uria Hayik
* Tamari Shahar
** Yuval Sharabi
** Eden Amisli
** Eli Stin
** Shikma Hazan
** Arik Jack
*** Ido Sherman
*** Omer Sherman
*** Shon Bortnik
*** Shahar Dreval
* 2015 graduate
** 1st year students
*** "School of Music" participants