The school has a support program for students that contain: scholarships for students guiding drama groups in the community as parts of their school studying, scholarships for student who rent apartments in Hatikva neighborhood, excellence scholarships, monolog competitions and sustenance scholarships.

Sustenance scholarships:

Each student is entitled to submit a request form for scholarship. The form should be filled and applied to the scholarship coordinator by due date. The scholarships comity of the school discusses every request.
The amount of the scholarship given according to economic situation and with regard to the approvals attached to the request form. After the comity decision, the list of granted students publishes in the studio website and bulleted board. In addition, each student receives a letter mentioning the scholarship amount he was granted.
Monologue competition scholarships:
Receiving this scholarship is determined according to all the competition judges and in accordance to the scholarship budget granted to the competition. The competition designated to the 2nd and 3rd year students.

Excellence scholarships:

In order to receive this scholarship you must have a recommendation of the scholarship comity, which based on 3 elements:
1. The student personal achievements
2. The effort done by the student to fund his studies
3. Student's activities for the benefit of the studio

Scholarships for students renting apartments in the neighborhood:

Student should provide with ID and renting agreement. Contingent upon community activities. Preference for the second and third year.

Scholarship for students guiding drama groups in the community:

Every year students from the second and third year chosen to guide drama groups in the community, by a comity contain of the school's general director, pedagogue director and community-activity coordinator.