Shows Repertoire 2018

The Lost Women of Troy

By Hanoch Levin
Based On Euripides
Director: Yair Sherman
The Trojan War, history's greatest epos in, began with the kidnapping of Helena, the most beautiful of all women from the Greeks, and ends with the conquest of Troy.
On this fateful day, the women of Troy try to save themselves and their children from the cruel fate of death and slavery, and confront the winning side in a moral dilemma.
December 2017-January 2018

Pride and Prejudice

By Kate Hamill
Based on a novel by Jane Austen
Translation and Director: Nir Erez
An innovative and revolutionary adaptation of Jane Austen's famous novel, which reveals an ancient-new and timeless view on marriage and romance and their innocent victims who learn the hard way (if they are lucky) the taste of love.
January 2018

What's in a Name?

By Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre de la Patellière
Translation: Dori Parnas
Director: Roy Weinberg
It was supposed to be a pleasant dinner at Elizabeth and Pierre's apartment, but the evening took a surprising turn. The meal evolves into a world war, threatening the long-standing relationships. Nothing be the same again…
February-March 2018

out of order

By Ray Cooney
Translation: Dori Parnas
Director: Mordi Gershon
A junior minister in the government is planning a night out with a secretary of one of the opposition parties, but a slight glitch in the window of his suite leads to an ongoing nightmare of mishaps and entanglements. He calls his office manager for help, but things just turn to the worse.
March 2018

A View from a Bridge

By Arthur Miller
Translation: Hilel Mitelpunkt
Director: Alon Ofir
In a neighborhood of Italian immigrants in New York, Eddie Carbone and his wife raise Kathy, the daughter of the her sister. Eddie is secretly in love with young Kathy and torn between his passion for her and the traditional laws of honor. Two cousins who entered America illegally arrive at their home, and when the younger one falls in love with Kathy too, everyone's life goes on the path of destruction and blood.
The play deals with moral questions of urge and honor, responsibility and loyalty and the world of immigrants and illegal workers in a society indifferent, alienated and hostile.
April 2018

For You & Me (LiVeLach)

Director: Yoram Lowenstein
Musical Director: Maor Sabag
We have fantastic cinema, talented film-makers and actors and splendid songs thet accompany them. We chose to tell the stories of those songs and some back-stage stories. Thank you, Israeli cinema and a special thanks to the songs that help expose the talent of out third year actors.
June 2018