Three Year Acting Program

The Yoram Loewenstein Acting Studio offers a three-year, intensive, full-time, professional acting program aimed at teaching the next generation of Israeli theatre, film, and television actors. Studies span the course of three years, after which students earn a diploma.


The studies focus on four primary tracks:

Acting – To act, students must learn about themselves and the character. They learn classical acting, realistic acting, improvisation, text analysis, acting through personal creativity, Stanislavski’s system, the American method, Laban Movements, Commedia dell'arte, theatre of the absurd, and acting in front of a camera.

Voice – Students engage in solo and duet performances, choral singing, gospel, musicals, speech and singing techniques, diction, and voice projection.

Movement – Students learn movement for theatre, classical ballet, dance theatre, stage fights, and ballroom dancing.

Theory – Studies focus on the history of theatre and the Hebrew language; students watch plays, films, and dance performances, and meet with professionals.

During the 2nd year students stage four full-length production exercises that can be attended by the Studio’s students and lecturers, as well as invited guests.

The 3ed year is focuses on practical expertise and serves as the students’ business cards in the industry. Students stage 9-10 productions from the classical and modern repertoire, as well as original productions, with leading Israeli theatre directors and playwrights. These productions are attended by professionals, from all facets of the industry, including casting directors, directors, theatre managers, journalists, and critics. In addition, artist workshops are conducted by leading professionals in the field, presenting students with current work; in tandem, leading industry professionals are introduced to the students’ talents.

Monologue competitions and scholarships for students

The Studio offers students various forms of assistance, including scholarships for students who teach in the community as part of their studies, scholarships for students who rent apartments in proximity to the Studio, academic excellence scholarships, and financial aid. In addition, during the 2nd and 3ed years, students participate in ten scholarship competitions focusing on diverse topics (various forms of monologues, freestyle performances, and show tunes), performed in front of a panel of professional judges. Winners are awarded scholarships.

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Community Theatre

The Studio aims to cultivate a new generations actors – who are involved in the community - to lead the theatre, film, and television culture in Israel. In accordance with this vision, students in the 2nd and 3ed yearsare awarded scholarships for their work with migrant workers’ children, youth at risk, the elderly, underprivileged children of new immigrants, children with communication disorders, and groups of children and youth from the underprivileged HaTikva neighborhood.

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The Studio strives to provide an outlet for the hidden potential in each candidate; the selection process does not distinguish between individuals with previous experience and talented candidates who do not yet have acting experience. Anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in enrolling in the three-year actor program may register for the screening process. Fluent Hebrew is required.


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